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First of all: What is this, a "kiez"? It´s something like a quarter, a (neighbour)hood. Kiez is how we call it in Berlin.

And what about Kreuzberg? It´s one of Berlins districts and stands for rebellion, creativity, being different, being punk, being turkish, being alternative, being squatter, being living art. And this old flair is attractive for new settlers, for gentrifiers. What they hear and read about Kreuzberg is that it is so multicultural, so interesting, so full of life.
That´s the flair they think they like - not knowing anything about the roots and the people living there since many years. Only having money. Buying houses for a price they call cheap - for a price that is too high for the "normal" population. They move to Kreuzberg, they complain about party, loudness on the streets and those "stupid" people attacking their new luxury homes sometimes with paint bombs, not realizing that this is a desperate attempt to give Kreuzberg the color back it once had.

There are two main "Kieze".
Kreuzberg 61, where you can find hordes of tourist especially in Bergmannstr. on each day of the week. Cocktail bars, wellfood stores,

mannstr. on each day of the week. Cocktail bars, wellfood stores, restaurants...it´s getting more and more expensive there.
SO 36 (SO stands for SouthEast) was once the heart of the german punk scene. Nowadays the music is too loud, the rents are rising to exorbitant heights and the traditional bars can´t stay there any longer.

In Kreuzberg it´s a little bit like everywhere, when gentrification comes around. And it´s a little bit different, a little bit sadder, because once it has been so special, so unique, so different. And now? There is still remaining a small piece of this special flair; and it´s getting less and less. Gentrification, globalization, assimilation... And the end of otherness is coming near.

This report about Kreuzberg is mainly in german language but maybe there will follow some subtitles. But maybe you want to know now, what the people are taking about or you may have another question? Then feel free to contact me: schrainer77@web.de

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